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About Me
I am a first year counselor and I am so happy to be at Cannon. I have taught for 9 years at the elementary level (7 years at Garland, 2nd and 3rd grade; 2 years in East Dallas, 5th grade).  My first career was Social Work and I worked several years in Child Protective Services and at an adult/family shelter. I am currently working on my certification for Licensed Professional Counselor. 
I am a widow and I have two adult daughters, Sara and Abby, who are 23 and 27. My daughters grew up in the Community ISD district so we are familiar with Quinlan through sports. I have always loved coming to this area. I love animals and have had up to 5 pets in my home at one time. Currently, I have only one dog, my granddog, Willow. 
Alumni: Texas A & M- Commerce, University of North Texas
Services I Provide
As the campus counselor, I will be providing guidance counseling, group counseling, and short term individual counseling. My office will be a place for students to reflect and talk about issues so that they can be successful in school. My lessons will provide me the time to meet and get to know the students and to reach all of my students. My lessons will provide guidance in character education, social skills, and social emotional learning. 
However, the school counselor is only a short term resource for counseling.  If a student requires more extensive attention, I can help find the resources they will need. 
Important Numbers:
Suicide Prevention  1 (800) 273-8255

Abuse Hotline 800-252-5400

Alcohol & Drug Abuse 800-246-4673

National Youth Crisis Hotline 800-448-4663

Runaway Hotline 800-392-3352

Safe Place Hotline:  1-800-392-3352

LGBTQ Hotline:  1-866-488-7386


Counseling and Mental Health Resources:



Helpful Links:


     Bullying  https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/bullies.html

     Anger Management    https://lynnenamka.com/anger-management/