Erica Morrison » Welcome to Ms. Morrison's PreK-3 Class!

Welcome to Ms. Morrison's PreK-3 Class!

About Me:
Hello! This is my 22nd year with the district and my 14th year teaching.  I have taught Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and 2nd Grade.  I am a Quinlan alumni having gone to school from Kinder through 12th grade at Quinlan. Go Panthers!
Conference Time:
Class Schedule  AM:

7:55-8:00      Greeting Circle/Announcements/SEL

    8:00-8:20     Circle Time-Math (Read Aloud)

    8:20-9:00     Centers (Small Groups)

    9:00-9:20      Recess

              9:00-9:30   Music-Monday    Library-Thursday               

    9:30-9:55     Circle Time-Literacy (Read Aloud)

  9:55-10:30     Centers 

10:45-11:15     Lunch

11:15-11:20     Dismissal for morning students

Class Schedule PM:

11:30-11:55     Arrival

12:00-12:20     Recess

12:20-12:30     Put backpacks up and get ready for lunch

  12:30-1:00     Lunch

    1:00-1:10     Restroom/Wash hands and tables

    1:10-1:30     Circle Time-Math (Read Aloud)

            1:10-1:40  Music-Monday    Library-Thursday

    1:30-2:00     Centers (Small Groups)

    2:00-2:20     Circle Time-Literacy (Read Aloud)

    2:20-3:00     Centers

    3:00-3:10     Snack (go to bathroom)

   3:10-3:20     Dismissal/get backpacks & ready to go

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