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Welcome to My Page!

Hi There!

My name is Genessis Chavez also known as Miss. Genie. I started as a long-term substitute at Cannon for a year, now I will be assisting with Pre-K 4 as a Paraprofessional. I am so excited to help and teach your kiddos.

Phone: (903) 356-1300 
In 2018, I graduated from Ford High School. In 2021 I graduated with Associate degree in Paris Junior College. I am currently attending in Texas A&M University-Commerce to get my bachelors.
Few Of My Favorite Things...
Drink: Sprite, Dr.Pepper & Starbucks
Color: Blue & Yellow
Flower: Sunflower
Candy's: Hershey, Reese’s, & Sour Patch Kids Watermelon
Stores: Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby
Restaurant's: Texas Round House, Chick-Fil-A, Olive Garden